Outpost is a collective.  Our mission is to engage New Haven artists and art seekers in creating a thriving, cohesive and collaborative art community.  Outpost produces videos, web content, events and multimedia art.  

Outpost was founded by Nicki & Lisa, Bobby Tan and Dave Van Witt/Sidewalk Dave.

Participating Artists/Groups:

Bobby Tan, Fior Rodriguez, Daniel Eugene/Studio FeruviusCristina HarrisBlack Unicorn StudiosFake Babies, Sidewalk Dave, Space Pirate, Milksop: Unsung, Kindred Queer, Luis Yordan, Kristina Zallinger, Kid Analog, Spectral RadiationLaura Marsh, Damian Paglia, Jonah Shanahan, Stephen J. Grant/Radio StevieFashionista Vintage & VarietyNicki Chavoya & Lisa Amadeo